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Re: [T3] volkswagen elves

Where's the leak coming from?

It has always seemed to come from the junction of the bottom of the dipstick tube and the tranny. I had thought that the tapped hole in the tranny was stripped. Upon recent examination, it seems to hold tightly, but effectively "bottom out" much too soon. I shimmed it with some washers, and seemed to have it fairly firmly mounted. The o-ring, however, is now a c-ring, so it can't seal to its full potential. (Curiously, the shorter bolt that mounts the filler tube at the top is of the same diameter and pitch, but seems to thread a good deal farther when tried in the lower hole... but is too short to work in that spot. Both bolts look clean. Weird.)

I did take the car to the do-it-yourself car wash and blast the engine and tranny with the engine cleaner before starting work on it last weekend. I'll crawl under tomorrow and absolutely confirm the leak location. Note that it only leaks after sitting for a number of days; the leak is therefore likely to be a bit "up high" and only manifest itself as the level rises in the pan due to settling.


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