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Re: bore/stroke (was Re: [T3] 74/78 crank?)

I kinda wondered about this too... but my Opel has the same stroke, 69mm and
about 94mm bore like the early vanagon, but has ALOT more torque than the
Squareback.  It also has about 20 more HP.

Maybe Im comparing Apples to Oranges but...


> One thing is certain, longer stroke equals more torque. On example that
> clearly shows this is for the VW Vanagon. The wasserboxer is basically a
> water cooled type 1/3 unit. There were 2 versions of the watercooled
> engine made, if one sees besides facts like US vs Euro models with
> different FI setups and emmision systems.
> The 1983.5-85 US model had a 1.9 liter (94 mm bore x 69 mm stroke). As
> you can see, it had the same stroke as our engines, and a bore quite
> commonly used by the aircooled hi-hp engines. The 1986-1991 models used
> a 2.1 liter version, it still retained the 94 mm bore but got a 76 mm
> stroke. The hp output was only up by 5 hp, but the max torque was upped
> by 10 lbs-ft from 108 to 118 (or 147 Nm vs 160 Nm for those into
> metrics). I do not believe that the FI system accounted for all of the
> increase.

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