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Re: [T3] Electrical Strangeness

<x-flowed>It's a '68. The problem has gone away (just as mysteriously as it appeared).

Turning the car off and on stopped correcting the problem. I noticed that another symptom of the problem was that the brake lights and ts lights on the outside of the car weren't working. So I took the brake light wire off the fuse box and tested continuity between the part that attaches to the tail light and the part that attaches to the fuse box (with the brake pedal pressed), and found that the wire was fine. I plugged it back into the fuse box, then tested to confirm that it was hot at the part that attaches to the tail light when the pedal was pressed, and it was. So then I put everything back together, and both brake lights and turn signal lights are functioning normally.

I'm expecting this problem will re-appear at some point....it's a strange one. If it does, I'll just keep tinkering until I find the answer.


From: Russ wolfe <russella@prairieinet.net>
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Subject: Re: [T3] Electrical Strangeness
Date: 19 Nov 2003 21:44:17 -0600

On Wed, 2003-11-19 at 20:27, Garret Trask wrote:
> As I'm driving home tonight, my turn signals stopped flashing. Instead,
> whenever I try to use them, the indicators just stay on steady, with no
> flashing. Also, whenever I put on the brakes, same thing, the turn signal
> indicators would come on and stay lit until I let off the brakes.
> If I turn the car off, then back on, the turn signals start working normally
> again for a little while, but then the same thing starts happening.
> Has anyone ever seen this before or have any ideas on what I could check to
> see what's happening?
You don't say what year it is. On my '71, I have had problems with the
4way switch getting dirty, and causing the T/S to quit working. I
operate the 4way switch several times, (to clean the contacts in it) and
they will work again for a few months.

Russ Wolfe
'66 FB MT
'71 FB AT
'65 Bug (not running)

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