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Re: [T3] 70 Auto Tranny

On 21 Nov 2003 at 11:00, Wuzmop@aol.com wrote:

> My auto tranny square makes an odd noise on acceleration, stops when
> coasting, slowing, or cruising. It is kind of a
> rrrrrr.rrrrrrrr.rrrrrrrrrrr... sound. It shifts/downshifts really well. 

> New trusty engine, tranny fluid good, vaccuum hose from intake to tranny
> good, tuned well. 

Just to check, you DID check the ATF level with the engine RUNNING, didn't you?

Bob's question about the CV joints is a good one. You should grab the axle 
shafts and yank them in all directions, including axial, to check for play. 
They should move axially, but there shouldn't be any looseness anywhere. If any 
of the CV joint boots are torn you should disassemble and clean the CV joint, 
and then put it all back together with good moly grease and a new boot.  

Note also that you need a special "metric Torx" (actually an 8mm XZN) driver 
for the CV joint bolts. DO NOT use an allen wrench on these; DO clean out the 
socket heads and drive the bit all the way in before you try to undo them. DO 
torque them to spec. If they come loose they make a real mess.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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