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[T3] GEN light on AGAIN!

OK so I got a brand new Bosch rebuilt generator.

Held on to the old one for a week, sent it off yesterday afternoon. Last
NIGHT the Gen light comes on. What now?

Here's the story. 

This new generator ran fine for about a week.

The generator is properly installed with the dot aligned with the line.

At the hot fuse I get 12V power.

With DF disconnected, I hooked my VOM to + at D+ and - to ground. I show
about 3V (not kidding here. 2.5-3V)

When I ground the gen DF terminal, there is NO fluctuation at all.

The little screw holding the 2 straps inside the gen is there.

The wires going to DF and D+ appear to be intact and stable.

The brushes are FINE and good, and the commutator appears to be properly
undercut (no ridges, no scarring)

Pushing down on the brushes with gen fully hooked up produces no result.
Does not change light.

With D+ disconnected, resistance measure WRT ground is 9 ohms.
(doublechecked that figure, so yes it is 9 with VOM at Rx1)

FAST idle makes gen light dim, but does not change voltage measurement at
fuse, which stays at 12.5 V

Belt is not loose. 

What could I possibly have done wrong? I didn't install the brushes, but
they are screwed on good and tight. I pulled them out and put them back in,
but no difference. 

Do I just have rotten luck and now have a generator that's bad in a
different way? 

This is getting to be a serious drag.


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