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Re: [T3] tail pipe question

<x-flowed>Ok, good info! I measured the hole in my muffler, and it flares out: the outer edge of the flare is about 2 1/8", and the inner edge is about 1 3/4". So I guess I have a 72-3 muffler, right?

So I'll order the one-piece damper/tailpipe.


I've got a '68 notchback that needs a tailpipe. Could anyone tell me what parts are involved? I thought it was one piece coming off the muffler but I ordered a tail pipe from Rocky Mountain Motorworks a few months back, and all they sent me was a short elbow pipe. I think there must be another piece that fits between the short elbow pipe and the muffler. If there is, does anyone know what this piece is called, and maybe what the part number is?

The early muffler used a damper pipe and a separate tailpipe (the part you probably got. The late (72-3) muffler used a one piece tail/damper pipe.

Either muffler will fit any car from 66-73, but you have to fit the right damper pipe to each muffler. So you need to see which muffler you have.

The early (2-piece) damper pipe fits in a hole in the muffler which is about 1-
3/8" diameter. The late (1-piece) damper fits in a significantly larger hole.

Once you measure the hole, or the pipe that goes into it, on your current muffler, you will know which damper you need. It would have been the early style when new, but it could be either now.

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