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Re: [T3] 74/78 crank?

  16mm iirc with pistons in 16.5 mm available from vw this was a known
problem area and nothing worries people like an oil light on at idle anybody
with a factory reconditioned engine care to check the diameter of there

these ame in many different lengts over the years with and without the grove
in them with no real ryme or reason and lets not talk about spring lengths .

i am at the moment doing a little research on why we get more oil in the rh
head it is due to crank rotation a well respected engine builder jake raby
has advocated that he welds up his pushrods on the intake !! i find this a
little extreme but it is possible safer than shoveing a load of pipe
cleaners in there !

at one time we did talk about the usefullness of childrens drinking straws
set inside each other within your pushrods before you put the tips in.

another method would be to solder one end and redrill the hole smaller would
solder hold? mayby brazing ?

another way to raise idle oil pressure slightly is to reface you oil releife
pistons on a exact flat surface with wet and dry this alone without the tool
is worth a couple hot idle psi especially important for those of us who use
thin oil and id imagine using johns tool a (flat end mill) and doing your
blueprinting will help considerably .

i cant help but imagine how many thousands of litres of oil has to pass thru
this point as an engine grows old it is bound to put wear there some are not
even very true from the factory apparently!

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