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Re: [T3] Fw: I need a picture of beading

<x-flowed>Notches had four pieces, Squares and Fastys had six (separate pieces for the rear apron). So, the rear beading you've found so far will only fit Squares and Fastys, not your Notch.

361 821 715A = Square and Fasty left rear, all years
361 821 705 = Square, Notch, and Fasty front left, through 1969

The part numbers for the Notch rears are 311 821 715A and 311 821 716A (left and right, respectively).

62 343, 65 361

On Tuesday, November 18, 2003, at 07:56 AM, Frank Kroeker wrote:

Well I started going through the six boxes of beading. Unfortunately I
didn't come up with any new colors and many do not have color codes but
boxes have 2 new numbers, 361 821 715A and 361 821 705. I did however
the fenders off my 65 notch to have a look at the beading . Well there is
only 4 pieces, no short pieces. But while the new fronts seem to fit the
rears aren't close. They are way too short. Is this because I have a
notch? Are the fastback and square fenders that much different? If
has a picture they can send me of their rear beading this would help.
Thanks for alll your help.

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