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Re: [T3] Can't get my '65 Variant running...HELP!

<x-flowed>On Monday, November 17, 2003, at 07:13 PM, Steven Ayres wrote:

Maybe I'm just not
sophisticated enough, but I've never heard of a mechanic taking the carb off
and putting fuel down the intake to check for firing, that's just weird.

Actually, he was probably trying to see if the carb was plugged up, not to test for firing.

He was trying to eliminate one possible fault. Normally (on a type 1) you would replace the carb with a known good used one to test if the carb is at fault, but since I doubt that he would have a PHN, he just removed the carb to see if it would at least cough.

I would suggest removing the motor and removing the exhaust and heads to check their condition and the pistons, cylinders and rings while you're there.

If it's sat for multiple years without running, the cylinders have probably rusted and by trying to get it to start, you've probably ground the rings where they won't seal anymore.

Good luck with it.

(Insert gratuitous plugs here.)

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