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[T3] '65 Variant-Virgin Engine with Single Sidedraft Carb - WONT RUN - HELP!

You guys have been helpful and have inspiried me after my last string
("Can't get my '65 Variant running...HELP!") to take the car from my
mechanic and try my hand and slowly and carefully restoring the engine to
health without cracking the original German block.

Yancy Everhart mentioned that T3 distributores are 180 degrees off from T1s.
My mechanic said that when it came in the dist wires were 180 off and that
he changed them. Can anyone else confirm that information.

Also, I'm ready to gather the documentation to dig into this project myself.
Where can I get service manuals for a 1965 Variant? All the manuals that
I've seen are for 68-72 T3s. I have three friends that will coach me in this
venture...one builds strokers and the other two have rebuilt T1s before...I
need to know the T3 differences though so that I can anticipate them...I
think that is part of the problem with my current mechanic.

Last question for this string...one of my friends that has owned various VWs
for 40 years recommended putting the Variant on my car dolly, pulling the
plugs, putting it IN GEAR, and pulling it around the block a couple of
times. His thinking is that it will force everything in the engine to move
and may free up a stuck ring or cam...what do you guys think of that idea?

Thank you,
Duane Miller

613 S. Main St.
Bluffton, IN 46714
Phone: 260-824-8274
FAX: 260-824-8360
E-Mail: dmiller@dsmgroupinc.com

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