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Re: [T3] Can't get my '65 Variant running...HELP!

>(Euro T3s were
>single carb) pancake engine. I would like to keep the car completely

Only "N" models came with the single carb set up in '65.  They are neat to
see, since most cars of that vintage are the dual carbed "S" versions  -one
more reason to keep the car original.

>Compressing was above 100 on three cyls and 60 on one...pulled the plugs and
>put oil in to free up...compression dropped to 0-30 on all four.

Very strange for the compression to drop with the oil addition, I'll bet the
gauge is off.  Have the valves been properly adjusted?  If the car hasn't
run in a long time, they might be sticking.

I think someone else suggested this, but the distributor might be installed
wrong, a common problem that mechanics with primarily type 1 experience do.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the type 3 distributor is
180¼ off from a type 1.  The car should still run, but the vacuum advance on
the distributor will almost touch the cooling tin just to be timed right.

I'd agree with others in that your mechanic is suspect if progress hasn't
been made yet.

Yancy Everhart
66 Squareback
63 343

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