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Re: [T3] Stock FI with a bigger engine, was... 74/78 crank

I'll just throw this in here now............

I have just ordered a 2110cc.
(I know,I know.should have built it myself but time(second shift)
and the weather(Central New York) are not kind to me.I'll be going through
with a fine tooth comb just the same)

Been seaching for info on retaining the stock D-jet.Found some
 info but not enough detail tosuit me.I would guess I'll be doing hit
 and miss testing.Won't betoo bad,I should think.
I have collected some parts for the
Porsche D-jet.MPS,injectors(0 280 150 038) and new seals.
I'm concerned that the size of the VW "throttle body" may be
a limiting factor,though.Increasing the bore will just introduce
other problems...

"Dont'cha love it when a plan comes together?"
  David V. Nelson

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> > On this note, what do you think is the *maximun* engine size you could
> > go with the stock FI.
> Without touching it about 1776 with a stock or very mild cam.  if you
> a 2L or higher you can easliy convert to a 914 2L system that has a curve
> for the larger engine but I know that one of us :-) has used the stock
> yellow injectors to 2L without problem. Once you get to 2L you may need to
> noodle with some of the calibrations (Temp sensors) to change the warmup
> curve a little, and the fuel pressure to enrichen the mixture over the
> range.  I wouldnt touch the pressure sensor calibration unless you know
> EXACTLY how the unit works and this almost requires a PhD.  Stick with
> matched system parts and it will be alot easier than setting up a set of
> aftermarket carbs on it.
> > This from a guy that 2 years ago would have torn the FI off as soon as
> > the car came home........
> Ahh the lightside!!  Can I still say that??  :-0
> Keith
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