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Re: [T3] Can't get my '65 Variant running...HELP!

First off, find a better mechanic!  This stuff isnt rocket science, and to a
good mechanic they WILL be able to find out what is really going on

Oil will raise and not lower compression...  I suspect his gauge or method.
Keep in mind that with 30lbs on a cyl it will spin past that cylinder really
easily when cranking... with all of them low it will noticable crank too
easily... you will be able to hear a problem with the way it cranks.
Perhaps you have a broken cam or cam gear but this is rare, maybe sticking
valves.  Get a second opinion before you break into a Virgin German engine
that you cant replace parts with equil quality.


> When I first took it to him it tried to fire once.
> The following has been checked...
> Carb is off...we're putting fuel straight in...but it won't suck it in.
> Spark is blue.
> Compressing was above 100 on three cyls and 60 on one...pulled the plugs
> put oil in to free up...compression dropped to 0-30 on all four.
> Plugs have been replaced twice.
> Plug wires replaced.
> Blue coil replaced.

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