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I would strongly advise *against* starting over with a new engine at this
point -- this one hasn't even been diagnosed, and that's another black mark
against this mechanic. Be advised that Type 1 mechanics usually either
assume that Type 3s are the same and miss the differences, or decide Type 3s
are weird and terrible and try to change them into Type 1s.

First, you need a manual, and you will get much further faster on this
problem once you study it for yourself. It will also be a great help in
communicating with us as you learn the jargon.

The compression result is odd; I think the test should be redone after
checking that the tester is using the correct tools. Maybe I'm just not
sophisticated enough, but I've never heard of a mechanic taking the carb off
and putting fuel down the intake to check for firing, that's just weird.

I'd like to hear about the recent history of the engine. Has it been running
in living memory? What was that like? If it's been dead, what sort of
condition was it in when you found it? What's been messed with by previous

Judging from what you've written, your problem could be as simple as
mixed-up plug wires or a misaligned distributor, and as complex as
who-knows-what. But we'll need a lot more specific info on what's happening
if we're to be of any real help with diagnosis. And it would be best if you
did the testing yourself, so we're not talking second-hand info. You've come
to the right place, and you've got sharp people here willing to help.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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