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Re: [T3] 74/78 crank?

> Two things -- can I use 90.5's with the stock FI? I
> really don't think I mind using the stock cyl size
> though.
Yep, may just need to increase the fuel pressure a wee bit.

> Also, how would the extra torque from a 78mm crank
> affect the automatic transmission? Any thoughts? I
> will NEVER be towing anything with my car. What do you
> mean "steady state manner?"

Your AT will be fine... by steady state I mean the average HP used over a
specified mileage.

Lets say you average 35 HP over a 50 mile trip with just the car, tow a
600lb boat and your average may go up to say 45 or 50 to keep the same
speed. Asking it to put out an average of 35HP will be fine for a stocker
but ask 45 or 50 of it and it will run hotter, perhaps too hot especially
for cheap aftermarket parts.  Many built up engines are fine for general
acceleration when its only used in short spurts, but ask them to put it out
for seveal minutes or more and they will overheat.

*these numbers are just to show the idea... they are not necessarily the
actual HP usage*

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