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Re: [T3] 74/78 crank?

--- Jim Adney <jadney@vwtype3.org> wrote:
> I can't remember whether you have already rebuilt
> this engine or not.

I did a top-end rebuild over the summer. The car now
seems to fall in line with the stock 0-50 time, and
seems to have about as much power as I'd expect. Since
my last tune-up, it cruises very nicely around 65-75,
and I won't push it higher than that. Keith mentioned
that the flickering oil light I saw once at night
while driving home indicates that I'll need a
bottom-end rebuild at some point, but I don't think
I'll be doing that until after the trip to Hershey. 

> If not, I 
> STRONGLY recommend that you do a rather stock
> rebuild or 2 first. It's very 
> common for people to get really excited about
> "upgrading" and then to mess it 
> all up, throwing away a lot of good money, just
> because they didn't think that 
> anything could possibly go wrong.

Which is why I'm asking the experts here. At this
point I'm thinking I want to stick with stock
cylinders/pistons because I'm not at the point where
I'm ready to futz with the FI at ALL. 
> I have great respect for Berg, but I think you have
> to take his perspective 
> into account.  

Point. The case I got with the "good" heads I haven't
checked out yet is full-flow already so I guess that's
a good starting point if it hasn't been align-bored
once before.

> My recommendations always start with case savers, a
> counterweighted crank, 
> balanced drive line, and full flow filter.

Balanced drive line? 

> You should be setting your sights higher than 50-60k
> miles, too. I'd consider a 
> street engine that only lasted that long to be a
> failure.

What I started thinking was just the 74 or 78
counterweighted crank, everything else stock except
for the full-flow. Would that be safe for a newbie &
would it have any adverse effects on my automatic transmission?

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