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Re: [T3] 74/78 crank?

On 16 Nov 2003 at 13:04, Aaron Clow wrote:

> Anyone have a 74 or 78 crank in their otherwise stock 1600 type 3? How
> is it if you have it? 
> Today is the last day I'm driving my car before the winter & I figure
> what better to do than plan my next engine from the ground up? 

I can't remember whether you have already rebuilt this engine or not. If not, I 
STRONGLY recommend that you do a rather stock rebuild or 2 first. It's very 
common for people to get really excited about "upgrading" and then to mess it 
all up, throwing away a lot of good money, just because they didn't think that 
anything could possibly go wrong.  

My advice has always been to learn to walk before you try to run.  

> So far I'm figuring new case (Berg says do NOT use an align-bored
> case?), and pretty much standard everything else. KS pistons/cyls? What
> type of connecting rods? I would like to get a counterweighted crank,
> but I'm thinking 74 or 78 for just a touch more torque, even if it
> means half a life for the engine? Not like I'm using it as a daily
> driver anyway... 

IMO, Berg's emphasis has always been on racing. In that case, he's comparing a 
case that has been beat up in racing and now needs an align bore to a case that 
has run 100k or so in street use and also needs an align bore. I've always sent 
my street-worn cases to RIMCO to have case savers installed and an align bore 
done. They've always been fine.   

I have great respect for Berg, but I think you have to take his perspective 
into account.  

> I'd like to get a good 50-60K miles from my "new" engine before a
> rebuild. Any other good ideas? Full flow? 

My recommendations always start with case savers, a counterweighted crank, 
balanced drive line, and full flow filter. After that you can add whatever you 
like, but keep it moderate as to bore and stroke or your lifetime will suffer 
unless you spend the really big bucks for the really good parts.   

BTW, my experience has been that once you get a balanced driveline and a CW 
crank, you won't need align bores in the future. 

You should be setting your sights higher than 50-60k miles, too. I'd consider a 
street engine that only lasted that long to be a failure.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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