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Re: [T3] 74/78 crank?

--- T3 Junkie <theddb@hotmail.com> wrote:
> You had to go open this can 'o worms didnt yah?
> sheessh.

I know... These are always loaded questions, right?
I'm sorry. I hadn't seen this come up in the last 10
months or however long I've been on the list. :)

> Well here is my take...I use a 74 crank. (8 doweled)
> Why? No case work is needed it drops right in place
> of a stock 69 crank.

That, to me, would be the biggest benefit to using the
74. Just a drop in. Granted, I know just about nothing
of non-stock applications, and I'm only semi-versed in
stock applications as well. :) 

>  IF the case is virgin or still in
> its first oversize cut  
> then you can use the case with no problems, you
> don't want to use a case 
> that has been cut 2 or 3 oversizes for a perfomance
> application.

I'm not really looking for a performance application
per se, since I want to keep the fuel injection system
and am really just looking for a little more torque to
get out a little quicker on the short parkway on-ramps
on Long Island. 

I'm wondering if any mild performance increase would
have negative effects on the automatic transmission as
well? Another reason I'm thinking of sticking fairly
close to a stock setup.

> Are you using stock size pistons?

I believe I would be, yes, for the sake of keeping the
stock fuel injection. 
> I know people freak 
> out about this alot but I can only tell you based on
> my personal experience 
> that they do work and can survive a long time..a
> friends 2332 just turned 
> 75k!

Yeah, i think I'm going to save that kind of setup for
my next bug. :)

> You can use stock rods, but i would balence them...I
> would think about 
> having your motor at least balanced, it make a great
> difference.

Can you use stock rods with a 78 crank?

> You touched on full-flow that is a must have
> addition, but don't forget also 
> a deep sump.


> Don't forget that your cam and heads will also play
> a big part of the 
> question.

I just picked up an engine from a guy nearby. He said
the heads were the best part of the engine. I believe
they are stock size, but I was told there was a lot of
work done on them. I still have to take them off the
engine & see what I've got, but I think I'm sticking
with stock heads.

> Just decide what you want to do with your motor and
> go from there

A little more torque, maybe just a bit more
horsepower. I'm pretty happy with where it is right
now, just if I'm building an engine myself I want to
feel a bit better about the high revs when cruising
down the highway (counterweighted crank?) and have a
little more torque for pick-up from a stop.

Thanks Keith & Martin for the feedback, and sorry for
bringing this up. :)

Aaron Clow - http://www.tiserves.com/VW/
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'71 AT Square - the Parts Bin

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