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[T3] 74/78 crank?

<x-flowed>Oh Aaron-

You had to go open this can 'o worms didnt yah?

Well here is my take...I use a 74 crank. (8 doweled) Why? No case work is needed it drops right in place of a stock 69 crank.

Other things to think about..
You can re-use your case if it is in good un-cut condition. If you tear the motor down- a good machine shop can tell you if [or how many times] it has been line bored. IF the case is virgin or still in its first oversize cut then you can use the case with no problems, you don't want to use a case that has been cut 2 or 3 oversizes for a perfomance application.

Are you using stock size pistons? I know of many people (myself included) that run 92 and 94 in street motors with great results...I know people freak out about this alot but I can only tell you based on my personal experience that they do work and can survive a long time..a friends 2332 just turned 75k!

You can use stock rods, but i would balence them...I would think about having your motor at least balanced, it make a great difference.

You touched on full-flow that is a must have addition, but don't forget also a deep sump.
Don't forget that your cam and heads will also play a big part of the question.

Just decide what you want to do with your motor and go from there

Martin Magnia

The DDB, Portland OR

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