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Re: [T3] this didn't just happen (help, please)

<x-flowed>At 11:03 PM -0600 11/16/03, Jim Adney wrote:

I think you're justified to be scared. It may not be in the bell housing, but
you really need to find it. One way or another. You probably think you've
already checked everywhere else, but you really probably haven't. There's a lot

Oh man, I've looked from above the very front of the nose cone, to the under-the-pushrod tins, heater boxes, cvs, around the starter, my clothes, the little shelf-ish areas just above the ATF pan, the end of my ratchet, the pavement, under the engine hatch (in case it skipped over the breast plate tin)... and all of these places like 3 times. Lots of time just lying longitudinally under the car, giving the tranny a big "hug" with an arm around each side, searching, searching...

At some point this afternoon I decided that I just needed to walk away from it for a bit... went to work on the Beetle's vent shades and fanfare horns. I will probably give it another 20 minutes of looking tomorrow or the next day. I may take the digicam and take a zillion shots of the Square's tranny region from crazy angles.

My biggest fear would be to slide the engine back, hear it fall to the ground, and not see where it fell from...!!!!!

	Thanks for the reply, Jim.


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