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[T3] this didn't just happen (help, please)

I'll cut to the chase -- I was installing the AT filler tube upper bolt, up on the top rear of the AT. Using a rachet with a deep socket. Socket comes free from the wrench as I'm fumbling around... I'm ready for it to fall and hit me in the face, or at least have it go rolling across the drive... but I just hear a solid "thunk" up above my head.

	Ok, so it landed on something and didn't hit the ground.

I've spent about an hour pretending to be that deep 10mm socket, groping every likely (and unlikely) place it could have come to rest. Checked my shirt, jacket, pockets, the ground all around, in case it actually made it farther down and I just didn't catch it.

Now, I found that there's a hole at the top left of the tranny in the bell housing area where it meets the engine. I can fit my finger down into that hole, kind of rearward. I believe that the socket fell down in by all the... torque converter(?) (you know, where the clutch *isn't*, so to speak).

I disconnected the coil wire and turned the engine over a bunch in the hopes (or fear) of hearing it rattling around. Nope.

Any advice? It's one of those weird moments where I could just ignore the issue and go to the store and get another 10mm socket, and never solve the mystery... or risk destroying my crankcase and/or tranny bits when I get half way down the street. Would it just come to rest and bumble around in the bottom of that space? Or is it going to wedge itself when the engine's at speed and really rip things to shreds?



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