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Re: Plume of Smoke (was: [T3] Various Questions)

On 14 Nov 2003 at 22:30, Neil Verdon wrote:

> If the oil is really trapped there that would actually be a bad
> situation.
> well i dont think its any more trapped in there than the left hand three
> four side i reakon theres just more of it there it will be having a cooling
> effect as it goes down.

If this is a steady state situation, then the flow rate out of each side will 
be equal to the flow in. I don't see any reason why the flow in shouldn't be 
the same on both sides, if not less on the right.

> i have to look at a book but the routing of oil pasages is in my mind as
> well.

The oil flow thru the case all starts on the left side. It runs past the 4 left 
lifters, around the center cam bearing shell and then to the right lifters, so 
the pressure on the right must be at least a tiny bit less than that on the 

> pipecleaners in your pushrods please nobody do this!!

I agree that this sounds bogus. I'd worry that they would do nothing while they 
were in there, just because the ID of the pushrod is so much bigger than a 
pipecleaner. Seems to me that it could lead to problems, however, if the 
pipecleaner tried to work its way out the rocker end and then got trapped in 
the little hole in the ball socket of the rocker arm. It could shear off in 
there as the rocker moves.

There's some small possiblity that this would work if you stuffed a BUNCH of 
them in there. In that case they might all push each other outwards so that it 
would be hard for any of them could get out the hole

> its allmost like adding gearbox oil to a noisey engine.


Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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