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Re: [T3] Fastback ski rack?

On 14 Nov 2003 at 12:12, Greg Merritt wrote:

> 	Oh, I meant in particular the meaning of the expression "NOS".  I
> know what it means literally, but I tend to associate it also with the
> sense of "period original".  As time goes on, NOS can be literally NOS,
> but not period original.

I think we have to be careful to realize that NOS only means: New, Old Stock. 
If we try to tie it to some kind of time period authenticity then we get in 
trouble when enthusiasts of  
different cars try to talk to each other. 

We all have to understand that the simple fact that something is NOS doesn't 
mean that it is correct for my car. In fact it may not be correct for any car.

If you want a new (not used) exact authentic period replacement part for your 
type 3, then it has to be a NOS, OE, VW type 3 part. 

For example, I have some NOS wiper blades that are made by Bosch. They are made 
to fit VW type 3s, and they are new (never used), but they are NOT OE because 
the type of cars they fit never came from the factory with Bosch blades, even 
though Bosch DID make other blades for other VWs.

I think we've been thru this before, but here's how I see the definitions.

NOS: New, old stock (means never used, been sitting on the shelf a long time)

NIB: New, in box

OE: Original Equipment (means the exact same part as originally sold with the 
car, or as a replacement for that part as sold by the auto maker.)

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer (means a part made by the same company 
that made the original parts for the automaker.)

Thus an OE part is also an OEM part, but an OEM part is not necessarily an OE 
part. Example: you buy an SWF flasher box from VW and it has the SWF number on 
it as well as the VW number. It's an OE part. If you buy the same part, but not 
thru VW then it will have only the SWF number on it. It's an OEM part.

Likewise you can find type 3 fuel injectors with both the Bosch number and the 
VW number on them (OE) or you can find them with just the Bosch number on them 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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