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Re: Plume of Smoke (was: [T3] Various Questions)

On 14 Nov 2003 at 16:44, Neil Verdon wrote:

> it is true about a lot more oil going to the 1/2 head than the 3/4 side due
> to crankshaft rotation? i have seen pictures on the net of this phenomanon
> (sp) with valve covers with windows at a certain rpm the 1/2 side was much
> fuller with oil than the 3/4 .

Crankshaft rotation might make a difference in the amount of spray on the 
undersides of the pistons, but I can't see that this would have any effect on 
the amount in the rocker boxes.

I suspect that any buildup of oil in the rocker boxes also happens much more 
when the engine is cold. Once the engine is at operating temp the oil should 
flow back to the sump much more quickly

> perhaps this adds to the penchant for it allways to be the 3 ex valve to let
> go as all that oil pushing thru the 1/2 side would certainly have a cooling
> effect on that head or.

To get cooling, you have to remove heat, which requires that the oil carry the 
heat away. If the oil is really trapped there that would actually be a bad 

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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