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[T3] Can't get my '65 Variant running...HELP!

Last month I bought a 1965 Type III Variant that started out in Europe
somewhere and was eventually imported into Virginia where it stayed until
1998 when it moved to Kentuchy then Ohio, where it was until I brought it to
Indiana last month....

Okay, here's my reason for contacting you about my T3:
The body is so, so solid...original paint on the pan bottom...rust only at
headlight perimeter, back triangles of front fenders and at rear bumber
bracket openings...nowhere else...unbelievable! It is totally original with
the original paint on it and a totally unaltered single carb (Euro T3s were
single carb) pancake engine. I would like to keep the car completely

But...and a big but...we cannot get the thing to run!
I've had it to Dan Gage, the local Air VW guru who has worked on VWs at
dealerships and on his own for the last 30 years and he is stumped. He has
had it for three weeks working on it here and there and cannot get it
running. He has advised me to pull the engine, start with a new block and
build a new dual-carb engine. I am tempted to go this route for
convenience...but I feel like I'm raping the car. Has anyone else been here?
Can anyone help?

When I first took it to him it tried to fire once.
The following has been checked...
Carb is off...we're putting fuel straight in...but it won't suck it in.
Spark is blue.
Compressing was above 100 on three cyls and 60 on one...pulled the plugs and
put oil in to free up...compression dropped to 0-30 on all four.
Plugs have been replaced twice.
Plug wires replaced.
Blue coil replaced.


Thank you, Duane Miller
613 S. Main St.
Bluffton, IN 46714
Phone: 260-824-8274
FAX: 260-824-8360
E-Mail: dmiller@dsmgroupinc.com

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