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Re: [T3] NOS Fender beading

On 13 Nov 2003 at 15:04, Frank Kroeker wrote:

> Just got back from my local parts house with 3 boxes of nos type 3 fender
> beading.  And was told that he has more in another of his buildings.  But
> for now I have 10 sets,  green, white, navy, blue, gray and red.  Some are
> still bundled in groups of ten, some are just loose.  I found a part #  361
> 821 716 A.  If anyone is interested I will be selling them for $50 a set.

That's a tremendous find, and a very reasonable price. The parts should also 
have a color code after the part number. I'm not too familiar with these codes, 
but the people who buy them from you will want to know which ones you have, 
because there were several different variations of each color over the years.

There will also be different parts for each body style, early and late 
versions. So you should type yourself up a list with the complete part # with 
color code for each one you have. 

I'm not familiar with how VW worked the color codes for parts, but I get a 
feeling that I'm about to learn.  ;-)

Are these genuine VW pieces? Are they still soft & plyable?

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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