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RE: Re: [T3] Water leak


My entire rear deck padding had to go due to being soaked through
this area. It even seeped under the rear seats. With mine the rubber
seal was cracked in a lot of places. So I crazy glued it together,
then sealed it with clear RTV. Now I get maybe a drop or two after
the heaviest rain.


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On 11 Nov 2003 at 19:15, Aaron Clow wrote:

> I was working on my engine the other day and I noticed
> that the whole rear deck of the car was sopping wet.
> Funny thing is, the rubber cargo mat showed no signs
> of a leak on the top. Dry as a whistle. Somehow the
> water is getting under there and it doesn't look to be
> coming from the windows.

I've dealt with this problem before, although on a '66 Squareback.

Besides the possibility of the brain compartment leaking on a FI model, the
clip boots for the cargo area panels can leak water in and behind the panels
and under the rubber mat.

Was quite a mystery until I looked through the air intake louvers and
noticed a couple of naked panel clips!  I replaced all boots and ended the

Yancy Everhart
66 Squareback
63 T34

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