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> The cold starting valve allows fuel enrichment - "The valve only operates
> when the starter is operated with the temperature below that which the
> thermo switch operates".

This wording strikes me as awkward, but it is essentially accurate.

> It goes on to say " To avoid an over rich fuel/air mixture when starting a
> cold engine at temperature between + 50 F and + 23 F, it is important to
> hold the throttle valve fully open until the engine fires".

That may be what they recommend, but I've never found it to be the case. In 
general, every owner will rather quickly find the starting process that works 
best with his car. I generally give it a bit of throttle just to keep it from 
dying once it starts.

> Could it be in your case that the cold starting valve or thermo switch is
> acting up?  or perhaps all you need to do is hold the pedal to the metal
> during cranking without releasing until the engine fires?

It's possible, but the temp switches were pretty reliable. I've never seen a 
bad one. Unfortunately, the cold start valve, etc. is just about the first 
thing that gets blamed in cases like this, but real progress toward a solution 
usually only comes when we look elsewhere. Still, it's worth considering.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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