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Re: [T3] Type 34 pricing

<x-flowed>Looking at it objectively 40 years later, the Type 34 was clearly a strategic mistake for VW, but anyone who has driven one (or better yet owned one) will feel fortunate to have had the experience, and will be glad that it was produced anyway against all the odds. It's a great, unlikely car that probably shouldn't have happened but (happily for us) did.

I think the market was changing very quickly in the early 60s, passing the Type 34 by, and VW knew it almost from the beginning. According to Simon Glen's book, VW and Porsche started development of the 914 in 1965, and the Type 34's days were obviously numbered once the project was begun. The 914 took the Type 34's place in Karmann's production line in late 1969.

62 343, 65 361

On Wednesday, November 12, 2003, at 09:45 AM, Steven Ayres wrote:

JimA=> it would certainly explain why so few
=> (Type 34s) ever sold (assuming the world-wide
=> price was comparable.)

it was relatively expensive for its market target in
Europe, and depending on how you look at it VW seems to have backed away
from it even before it was released to market.

What bothers me a bit about this angle of discussion, and it comes up rather
frequently, is that poor sales of the 34 often seem to be taken as a
judgment of the car itself. To this I'll reply: drive one in good repair,
*then* tell me what you think about it.

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