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Re: [T3] Various Questions

--- Jim Adney <jadney@vwtype3.org> wrote:
> It's quite possible that the problem is due to the
> fact that the wire is not 
> supported where it come thru the body; without the
> grommet, the wire is free to 
> flop around more and that may be all it needs to
> pull itself loose.

OK, that's probably what happened. I found the grommet
further down the wire. It's possible it just slipped
out, so I'll put it back and see if that fixes it.

> It's fairly common for oil to pool in the combustion
> chamber a bit after shut 
> down.

Is this because of the nature of the
horizontally-opposed pistons? I guess in my Jetta, any
oil would drain down into the case. Come to think of
it, I do notice this more when the engine is hot after
I've shut it off for a bit (oil is thinner?)...

> This burns off right away when you start up
> and seldom indicates a 
> problem. I WOULD get rid of the excessively heavy
> oil, especially where you 
> live, before cold weather hits with a vengance.

Doing that this weekend. Guess I'll go back to 10W30..
Maybe 10W40?

> These were common repair parts for beetles, but our
> heat exchangers are a 
> different size.


> I have never seen type 3 versions
> for sale. I have made them, 
> however. I could make more, but I only have some
> solid bar stock to turn them 
> out of, so that's a fair amount of work. Let me know
> if you want 1 or 2 and I 
> will try to figure out how much they would cost.

So otherwise perfectly good heater boxes are toast
once this happens? Yipes. If this ends up costing too
much, maybe I'll just snag the boxes off my parts car
next time I'm up in NH. Or maybe run w/o the boxes?
I'm not driving this in the winter anyway...

> Just make sure the tires are up to pressure and park
> it.

Heh... The tires/rims suck. If I drive the car,
they're fine. If I let it sit for a few days, two of
the tires start losing air. I think it's because of
the rusty rims. Hmmm...

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