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Re: [T3] Type 34 pricing


I did not mean to say that there was an actual MSRP from VW.

What I meant was that I speculate that their estimation of what fair market value would be would not give them enough profit to make it worthwhile to market it to the US.

Nothing about poor sales, poor value or poor quality was meant to be implied.

Basically if you made a Whatzit© here in the US and Daniel made a Whatever© in Israel that basically did the same thing. You estimated that with shipping to Israel, dealers, parts supply, advertising, etc., your price would be more than Daniel's Whatever© and you find that the public would rather buy Daniel's Whatever© (regardless of perceived value, quality, or other factors) than pay more for your's, you might decide that it wasn't worth your time to go through with it.

Yes, grey market plays a part in how much some people "COULD" pay for one of your production, but as a whole, it would not be worth your time.

I agree that the driving quality of my unrestored T34 is amazing. I wish I could have driven a NEW T34. (drool...)


On Wednesday, November 12, 2003, at 11:45 AM, Steven Ayres wrote:

Bear in mind that the 34 was never marketed in the States, so I'd be really
surprised to hear it *had* an MSRP. We might be talking about a special
import price, with related higher duties, etc. Almost all the cars that I
know of here came in via Canada or the grey market -- buy it in Europe,
drive it 10K clicks, and import it as a used car. Servicemen got additional
breaks. But yes, it was relatively expensive for its market target in
Europe, and depending on how you look at it VW seems to have backed away
from it even before it was released to market.

What bothers me a bit about this angle of discussion, and it comes up rather
frequently, is that poor sales of the 34 often seem to be taken as a
judgment of the car itself. To this I'll reply: drive one in good repair,
*then* tell me what you think about it.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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