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[T3] Various Questions

I have a few quick and easy questions that I would
normally split into different e-mails, but since
they're quick, I'm sure people would rather not get
five e-mails in a row from me...

1) The top wire to my starter keeps coming off as I
drive and I noticed there's not much slack in the
wire. I think I should fix the "no slack" issue before
I try to bend the paddle clips closed... Is this easy
to do? The seal where the wire comes out from under
the rear seat looks like it's totally out. No idea
what happened.

2) When I start the car after driving, a white plume
of oil-smelling smoke comes out, then I don't see
anything else, even after idling for a minute (say, at
a light) and then taking off. I still have the heavy
oil in the case. Seems I should be having LESS of a
problem with oil making its way into the combustion
chamber with this? Maybe my rings never sealed? Engine
has been running rich (and thus, probably cooler than
normal) due to my former problems with the FI relay
and the air pressure sensor. That is fixed now, but
maybe it's too late?

3) Found my exhaust leak (car was very loud, thought
it was normal). When I hooked up the heat cables last
week I noticed the tube from the heater boxes to the
exhaust had pretty much rusted through on one side. I
knew it was going, but it went very fast. I know
there's a replacement part that you hammer in here
when you hacksaw off the old one, but damned if I
can't find it anywhere from the parts shops. Haven't
called them yet though. Is this the best way to fix
this problem and anyone know where I can get them?

4) Last question. Winterizing. If I'm not driving for
the winter, should I put 5Wsomething in the car, cover
it up with a breathable cover & start it every week or
so? Fuel stabilizer? any other tips?



Aaron Clow - http://www.tiserves.com/VW/
'71 FI AT Square - On the Road
'71 FI AT Fasty - Off the Road
'71 AT Square - the Parts Bin

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