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Re: [T3] Is this considered a Type 3?

<x-flowed>Hi Daniel,

I once heard that the imported Type 34's intended Suggested Manufacturer's Retail Price in the US (in 1963 as the story was told to me) was EQUAL to a domestic 1963 Chevy split-window Corvette.

Now, I would have NO problem in my mind of buying a Corvette over a T34 Ghia at that time if I have the cash on hand back then.

Unfortunately, I think that there would be many who agree with me... back then and now.

(Insert gratuitous plugs here.)

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On Wednesday, November 12, 2003, at 08:04 AM, Daniel Baum wrote:

Daniel, we might twist your question around and ask "If VW (Wolfsburg) were so proud of the T34, why didn't they sell it in the U.S.?" :)

A very appropriate question actually. I get the impression that the Type 34 was a bit of a marketing fiasco for VW. They didn't really know what to do do with it or how to sell it. It was too expensive, and it was competing against the other Karmann Ghia. Most of its external competitors of a similar price had far better performance.

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