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Re: [T3] Water leak

On 11 Nov 2003 at 19:15, Aaron Clow wrote:

> I was working on my engine the other day and I noticed
> that the whole rear deck of the car was sopping wet.
> Funny thing is, the rubber cargo mat showed no signs
> of a leak on the top. Dry as a whistle. Somehow the
> water is getting under there and it doesn't look to be
> coming from the windows. 

This is a very common problem, which is due to an improperly installed brain. 
The cover that seals the inner body panel has 2 spring clips that hang down. 
Those clips must be pushed down on the OUTSIDE (out is out) of the body panel 
so that they hold the rubber seal tight against the body panel. Only then will 
the seal do any good.

It is common to find the brain cover installed simply hanging from the 2 screws 
on top, with the spring clips dangling loose underneath and the seal completely 
out of contact with the body.

Installing the cover correctly takes a bit of effort and concentration. With 
the brain slipped in at a small angle, hook the clips over the bottom edge of 
the opening and then pull back, spreading the springs open. Then push down 
while still pulling back; the clips should slide downward while still leaving 
the cover gasket undisturbed. In general, for this to work the seal has to be 
glued to the cover, which is how they came from the factory.

It's VERY important that you get this installed correctly. If water stays in 
there for a long time it will ruin the car. Nothing destroys a car faster than 
standing water inside.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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