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Re: [T3] Fuel Problem

Hi there,

This may have been discussed already, and I'm new to VW's, but I noticed
today reading through my Scientific Publications technical manual on the
1600 FI, that FI cars made after August of 1969 have a thermo switch and a
cold starting valve.

The thermo switch does nothing until the engine temp reaches "a high
activating temperature (+50 degrees F and 32 degrees F)"  ???

The cold starting valve allows fuel enrichment - "The valve only operates
when the starter is operated with the temperature below that which the
thermo switch operates".

It goes on to say " To avoid an over rich fuel/air mixture when starting a
cold engine at temperature between + 50 F and + 23 F, it is important to
hold the throttle valve fully open until the engine fires".

Could it be in your case that the cold starting valve or thermo switch is
acting up?  or perhaps all you need to do is hold the pedal to the metal
during cranking without releasing until the engine fires?

Anyways, my 2 cents, hope it helps...




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> > >Jim talked recently about installing a switch that
> > >will run the fuel pump from the switch, so you can
> > >pressurize the fuel ring before trying to start.
> >
> > I thought this was the cure for "heat soak". My issue
> > is occurring when the car has been sitting all night.
> >
> > Symtoms are different, when the car is hot, I get fuel,
> > but its not enough to start the car; when cold, it just
> > cranks, no fuel at all.
> Well it may be a problem with "heat soak" but I have the problem when the
> car is cold too. It never just starts up without pressurizing the system
> first.  And this has been true with all of my FI cars.
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