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RE: [T3] Fuel Problem

> >Today I went out to try and start her up and she wouldn't go.
> This has happened to me twice in the last 2 weeks. When the 
> car is cold, has been sitting all night. I try to start and 
> it gives a little cough, like its going to try and start, but 
> then doesn't.
> From there on, nothing, only cranking. I even got under and 
> hit the pump, jiggled the lines, and still nothing, it sat until the 
> next day. The next day I tried again and still nothing. The 
> day after that it started, but was hard to start, I had to 
> pump the gas until it finally got started. It started and ran 
> fine for the next 5 days, until today. 
> How can I test to see if the pump is going bad? What else could 
> cause this? How should I test overall what the issue is?

I would say first to check your fuel pressure. Jim talked recently about
installing a switch that will run the fuel pump from the switch, so you can
pressurize the fuel ring before trying to start.  I would say this is your
best bet.

In my personal experience, if I do not turn my key on and off about ten
times (or more) no amount of cranking will start my car.  I have to
pressurize the system and then she starts right up.  And again from
experience, cranking does not increase the amount of fuel nor does pumping
the pedal, you must first get it up to 30psi then try to start the car.  You
could experiment,  I attach my fuel gauge to the ring and leave it clamp
there.   You could then get the pressure cold then turn the key a couple
times and check it etc.  If you do this a couple of times in different
circumstances you can deduce what is going on.

But installing the switch is probably the easiest fix.

Jason Smith
71 Square FI AT
Columbus, OH USA

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