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Re: [T3] FI Conversion Questions

Heads - they may have the thread tapped there, or there may just be a boss you
drill and tap yourself.  I did the latter.  GS&F do complete heads of reasonable
quality (I think mine had VW cast in).

FI parts may be available in the UK, but I doubt GS&F can supply them - I've not
had to do it.  You could try Jane Terry 01303840241, or maybe Bill Jennings
(Hereford) 01989-564244 (always at the shows with a autojumble table and 50s/60s
radios!).  aircooled.net might be as easy as anywhere, as USA was more into FI
Type 3s.

The FI tank is necessary (must be RHD scrapper for RHD car) - it has a special
housing around the feed and return outlet which ensures performance is still OK
with a nearly empty tank.

Pump relay is near the fusebox on the right-hand inner wing (RHD).

I'm not sure why you're choosing to change from carbs (were they stock
32PDSIT-2/3?).  There are good things to say for both systems, but I don't think
you will get a significant performance improvement.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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Sent: Monday, November 10, 2003 8:35 AM
Subject: [T3] FI Conversion Questions

> Following recent discussions with people on the list, I've decided to go the
> unusual route of changing from carbs to FI.  I was lucky enough to find a FI
> type three in a UK scrapyard (which is virtually impossible over here).  I
> dragged off the brain and nearly all the senors, injectors, dizzy, etc.  the
> only things I didn't get were the head temp
> sensor and fuel pump and relays.  My questions are:
> 1) Heads - I can buy replacement 'universal' heads off the shelf with the
> head temp sensors thread in, without much of a problem - correct?
> 2) Are head temp sensors easy to get?
> 3) What about the fuel pump?  Can you still buy the original type?
> 4) I can run a new return fuel line down the side of the tunnel, but I'm a
> little confused over where it goes at the front end.  reading a recent
> thread about fuel tanks, its sounds like I need a fuel injected car's tank
> with a return line in it.  Should I run back to the scrapyard and take the
> fuel tank as well?
> 5) I had a look for the relays for the fuel pump, but couldn't find them.
> Are they located in the fusebox, or hiding somewhere else.
> 6) Anything else I've overlooked?
> Many thanks
> Craig
> 72 Square in the UK

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