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Re: [T3] Still running poorly Square.

On 10 Nov 2003 at 8:42, samuel maher wrote:

> I tested the level coming off of the battery @ 13..ish. replaced voltage
> regulator, all with the same voltage reading, and sputtering. 

Is this a FI car? What year? If replacing the VR did not bring the voltage up, 
then either you're not measuring the voltage right, or the problem is 
elsewhere, possibly a voltmeter that is not calibrated right. I'll send you a 
copy of my charging system FAQ which will walk you thru testing your generator 
and VR system to try to pin down the fault. If you are really only getting 13V 
out of your generator then the FI will certainly run poorly.

> I have access to a nerd Box(mini computer). When i went from my ghia to the
> square I replaced the nerd box first. The results were astonishing. It
> immediate blew tons of carbon out of the engine, and sounded great, until it
> started eating fuses. Im not sure how we remedied the problem, but ...any
> suggestions? 

Not sure what you mean here. Are you talking about the FI computer? If so, you 
need to have the RIGHT computer; there are many to choose from. Your 73 should 
have a 311 E computer. Describe the size and location of the box you are 
talking about. What fuse are you blowing?  

But get the voltage right first, as low system voltage will make the system run 
rich and make everything work poorly.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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