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Re: [T3] Brake Problems

On 9 Nov 2003 at 21:35, The Rossos wrote:

> I am ready to pull all of my hair out.  I just installed all new front brake
> lines and hoses, a new brake line from the master cylinder to the tee in the
> rear, an new ATE master cylinder, two new ATE calipers, and two new Italian
> rear wheel cylinders.  I just went through two quarts of brake fluid
> bleeding the brakes because the pedal is mushy and goes to the floor unless
> you pump it a few times.  I keep bleeding the brakes, but I am only getting
> fluid not any air.  I checked all of the connections and can't find any
> leaks.  HELP!

There are several possibilities:  

Is there any chance that you have the calipers on the wrong sides, such that 
the bleed valves are on the bottom? If so you have to swap them side to side 
and start over.  

If the calipers you have are the late Brazilian ATe ones, then then may have 2 
bleed valves on them and you should just be using the upper ones.  

Are you sure you have the rear brakes adjusted properly? If they are not, then 
the pistons will have to travel a long way before the shoes contact the drums.

It's possible that your expectations are all wrong for what a well bled system 
should feel like. Old systems, where the calipers have rusted tight, will feel 
extremely hard, because the pistons don't retract at all. Sometimes people just 
think there's something wrong when their new calipers allow the pistons to 
retract a bit and thus require more pedal travel to move back against the 

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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