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[T3] FI Conversion Questions

Following recent discussions with people on the list, I've decided to go the
unusual route of changing from carbs to FI.  I was lucky enough to find a FI
type three in a UK scrapyard (which is virtually impossible over here).  I
dragged off the brain and nearly all the senors, injectors, dizzy, etc.  the
only things I didn't get were the head temp
sensor and fuel pump and relays.  My questions are:

1) Heads - I can buy replacement 'universal' heads off the shelf with the
head temp sensors thread in, without much of a problem - correct?

2) Are head temp sensors easy to get?

3) What about the fuel pump?  Can you still buy the original type?

4) I can run a new return fuel line down the side of the tunnel, but I'm a
little confused over where it goes at the front end.  reading a recent
thread about fuel tanks, its sounds like I need a fuel injected car's tank
with a return line in it.  Should I run back to the scrapyard and take the
fuel tank as well?

5) I had a look for the relays for the fuel pump, but couldn't find them.
Are they located in the fusebox, or hiding somewhere else.

6) Anything else I've overlooked?

Many thanks

72 Square in the UK

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