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[T3] Flasher unit

Hi all,

Yesterday I installed the correct flasher unit for my car, a 69. It is a
large plastic box with four terminals. Up to now it has had the later
three-terminal type.

The extra terminal (KBL) goes to the dash lights. On the later type, the
dash lights connected to the 49a terminal, which also flashes the indicator
lights themselves.

My problems is this; when the ignition is off, the emergency flashers work,
the red light in the switch flashes, but the dash lights don't flash. When
the key is on, the dash lights flash with the indicator lights and emergency

So, my question is; is it supposed to work like this, and if not, does
anyone have any idea what could be the problem? Tne relay is obviously
getting power when the key is off, because the indicators flash, it's just
the dash lights that don't. One solution I suppose would be to connect the
dash lights to the 49a terminal on the relay, but I suppose there must have
been some reason they kept them separate. With the later type of relay
everything worked as expected.


Daniel Baum
1969 Type 34 automatic
Email: daniel@type34.info
Homepage: http://www.type34.info

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