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[T3] Odd Type3 Noise- online audio diagnosis sought !

Since I rebuilt the top end a month or so back, power's been up but there
are some disturbing noises coming from the engine.

At start up there is a nasty knocking:


I'm at a loss as to what it is. I thought perhaps an exhaust leak, but all
the nuts are tight. I double checked the lower head nuts and they were good.
It seems to come from the left bank and almost goes away after she warms up.

When she's warm thought there is another more disturbing sound:


I thought at first that this must be the fan rubbing on the housing- I did
have that all apart when the engine was out. The end-float was a little
tight and there was no gasket under the flywheel so I put a thin paper one
under there. I was thinking that this might be the result of too much
end-float allowing the fan to rub.
Last night I was thinking about it some more and there are a few other
things I want to check- the tin screws which I replaced for stainless allen
screws for ease of removal next time were a bit long and might be rattling
against something?. Any other ideas?

All suggestions appreciated cos it sounds like I'm destroying her even
though she's running better than ever!


Mark Seaton
'73 Fasty, London

BTW the rcordings were with a mic tucked into the right rear bumper iron and
driving normally.

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