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Re: [T3] 5 lug T3 wheels......

On 8 Nov 2003 at 19:56, Per Lindgren wrote:

> Jim Adney wrote:

> >Yes, I believe ALL OE type 3 wheels were 4-1/2" x 15". Early wheels didn't have 
> >the safety hump which made them a 4-1/2j x 15. I think this change came in mid-
> >66, after the switch to 4 lug wheels, so that means that there are no OE 5 lug 
> >wheels out there which have the safety humps and are therefore appropriate with 
> >radial tires.  
> >
> The original rims for my 64 type 1 has the J profile and works ok with 
> radial tires, just FYI. While the offset was different from type 1 to 
> type 3, and also the width, I cant imagine that the profile was any 
> different.

According to the type 1 Bentley manual, the changeover to the j-style rim (with 
the safety humps occurred on Oct. 10, 1967, but these would have been 4-bolt 
wheels. Your 64 would have had 5-bolt wheels, so I don't know what to think.

Is there a date stamp on these type 1 wheels? 

Are you sure we're talking about the same thing, with respect to the j-profile?

I think it refers to the little hump inside, that the bead has to pop over when 
you mount the tire and first inflate it. You can also feel a small depression 
on the "outside" of the rim, even after the tire is mounted.  

Russ was right about using inner tubes with radials and early rims. I had 
forgotten about that.    

The microfilm is no help here, because the j-profile rims superceeded 
everything else. There IS some interesting info here,  however. These are the 
wheels listed, in order.

1) a wheel, discontinued with no replacement, used up to VIN 268,999 [early 64]

2) 311 601 025B, a 5-bolt wheel, 4-1/2j x 15, 269 000-315 220 883

3) 111 601 025K, a 4 bolt wheel, 4-1/2j x 15, 316 000 001-on

4) 311 601 025K, a 4-bolt wheel,  4-1/2j x 15, 313 2034 478-313 2500 000

5) 113 601 025, a 4-bolt wheel, 4-1/2j x 15, 314 2000 001-on, M-976

It's clear that wheels #2 & 3, and the ones they superceeded, are the ones 
everyone is familiar with.  

Okay, what's so interesting? 

What was different about wheel #1 that keeps wheel #2 from superceeding it? Did 
early cars have a different offset?

What was M-976? It's not listed in the type 3 M-codes on the same microfilm.

Wheel #5 is the first mention I've ever seen about a 74 type 3. [The German 
microfilm does not cover the Austrailian type 3 production.]  

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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