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Re: [T3] NOS upholstery question

Jim wrote:
>This brings up the distinction between the two kinds of seat covers:

>1) seat covers meant to cover and protect your original seat material.

>2)  Original cover material for you seats, or replacements for that 
>material after the originals have been worn out and removed (or 
>sometimes not removed.)

>Anyone got good words to use to distinguish these two different kinds of 

I think you've got it pretty close. I'd say one is upholstery, and the other 
is a seat cover. I only say that, because when you order replacement seat 
covers for your seats, the seats are being re-upholstered. A cover in my opinion 
is just that, a cover that protects the existing seat upholstery (it doesn't 
use the OE clips on the seat frames). When I redid my Notch seats, I found the 
remenants of the OE seat material under them. I stripped everything off, and 
installed the new material over the reconditioned seat frames and padding. I've 
seen seat covers that have snaps at the bottom of the back, and elastic for 
the seat bottom, but they don't fit as well as new upholstery does. 

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       71 Square- now a 2 seat Roadster, under construction, now under its 
own power

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