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Re: [T3] NOS upholstery question

--- Everett Barnes <everettb@thesamba.com> wrote:
> When it comes to NOS upholstery and/or seats, was it
> possible back in the
> day to purchase an NOS seat cover from the
> dealership or did they just have
> complete seats, springs and all?  Or pieces of seats
> like seat bottoms?
> The reason I ask is that someone offered me an NOS
> seat cover.  I don't
> think it's NOS, I think it's used.
> I've seen NOS upholstery before but it was never a
> completed cover, just a
> bolt of material.

My parents had a 73 beetle they got after they sold
the squareback. It had the black & white houndstooth
cloth seats that you might have seen somewhere. I
haven't seen them since in any other VW. They wanted
seatcovers for them because, well, we were kids, and
I'm almost positive they came from the dealer. They
were vinyl covers, looked exactly like the vinyl
material other VW seats were made out of, houndstooth
pattern and all. They wore terribly, seams splitting
very quickly, etc.

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