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[T3] more mishaps not mentioned for this year

Well as you know I mentioned some of my mishaps for this year.
I had other problems.

This happened a few weeks ago .

It was night time aftera long day of work an d working out at school.....
As I was driving on the HWY towards Mexico , sorrounded by heavily loaded 
semi trucks, I was going 75 , radio playing "Baby got back" the big butt song.... 
well anyhow my car's smooth running began to buckle , miss , backfire,
then got normal for a second , then lights began to dim engine turning 
off and on then lights dimmed again , radio going off and on , all 
thiss seem ed my car was possesed like the car Christine and I was 
sorounded by semi trailer trucks , very scary. I was able to punch it 
in one of the on/off incidences , I passed a large truck loaded with steel 
billet. went to the side of the road as the car turned itself off 
for the last time, I could smell burning wires. i desconnected the very 
hot battery connection, inspected the car for burned melted wires and 
found none . After 10 minutes looking with the flishlight I atrtempted 
to start the car, everything was lit and was not affected by turning 
the key, no lights dim down. It seemed like as if the starter was dead ,
I checked input voltages to the starter and all was good, I attempted to 
start the starter by shorting it with a screw driver, nothing happened , all 
indications showed that the starter was dead, I called my brother from the 
auto parts store and he once again delivered my parts. , I replaced 
the starter and all was normal and good again , this was at night on the 
hwy under the car .... sucked.

Has anyone ever seen a starter solenoid so badly shorted that it shorted 
the battery to ground ?  This was soooo odd and weird ....
Let me know if this ever happened to anyone, I have all the odd problems 

Next problem a month ago , my auto tranny was working beautifully up and down
the hilly twisty roads of Tijuana , going 60 in a 30 mph road all of a sudden
my tranny got possed it was shiftinag all over then going good then shifting all over 
60mph and in 1st gear then 3rd then 2nd , all random all over , I was 
afraid that it would hit reverse too, I went to the side of the road , 
checked the fluid, fluid was clean , turned the car on and proceeded , all good 
going 60 again for a little while then again the evil spirit took possesion 
again, I took it to a autotranny mechanic along the way and he told me it 
needed a rebuild , it would cost 1000 bucks to do all work, I said screw it , 
I took it home , this time slowly to my TJ house , All bummed out I proceeded to 
inspect the easiest thing , which was the governer. I found that the little shaft 
that turned the governer via the differential assembly was all messed up , the 
shaft was turning in the cup where it is pressed in so it will turn as an assembly.
I got another governer with the same part number from a doner tranny that had a good 
shaft , and car restored to normal running.

Have you ever seen this problem before?

Another problem happened when I bought new chromed rims and tires 2 weeks ago . 
I bought 5.5 inch rims put new tires on it and away I was on the road , i noticed 
what seemed tire noise, a buzzing was out there on my new wider , harder tires , 
I brought it back continuously to the tire store , they kept telling me it was 
not the tires , I was angry and thought I was being scammed , I took it to napa 
repair in Mexico and the mechanic fond that the inner bearing on one side 
was loosing all of it's chrome, it was well greased but the chrome was gon and it 
was bumpy , and only noticeable with the bearing out in your hands or on 
the car while running , never was dtected while turning tire or front disc by hand.
All bearing replaced with quality USA TImkin's , car is smooth now , today I will 
get it alighned , ran over a manhole with a missing manhole cover, people in Mexico 
steal those to sell the metal, hehehe.

Ever see this problem before too, undetectable bad bearing?



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