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[T3] Sucking down gas

After fixing my gas leak, the car ran great for a few
days, got seemingly good gas mileage (my odometer is
still broken). On my way back from a long drive, I
noticed it was starting to suck down gasoline again,
and was sputtering when pushing down the throttle,
especially when trying to get up to speed. No gasoline
leaks though.

Tried to take it to work this morning and it didn't
want to go. Sputtered and resisted until it warmed up,
and even then it's not running well at all. I'm
gathering it's running extremely rich (how rich can a
car run and still "run?")...

I also noticed it's been idling very high, and this
started around the same time it started sucking down
gasoline. I didn't want to play with the idle
adjustment because it was set perfectly before, and I
did notice that at one stoplight it seemed like things
had been "fixed" for the moment, so I'm afraid if I
adjust that and get it out of whack I'll start
stalling at lights once I figure out what else might
be going on.

Any ideas? Fuel pressure? I haven't checked that

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