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RE: [T3] Gas/Exhaust smell in the cab

>The center mount single FI conversion carbs are notoriously bad. This
is >bound to be a problem, and I don't know if it can be fixed.
Replacement is >probably your all around best option.

Yah, I'm attemtpting to start tracking down FI parts as I type this
message... if anyone has an inexpensive source for such parts as
injectors, a pump, or a FI brain unit, please let me know. If you want
to share, that is...

>With the engine cold so you don't burn yourself, just start her up and
>around that junction, on both sides. If you feel exhaust puffing out
>you've found a leak.

Got a friend to turn her over while I felt around all the exhaust seals;
didn't feel any pulsing air, so maybe that isn't it. I do have a hole in
one muffler, but it is temporarily completely wrapped in muffler tape as
a holdout until I can find another muffler or a stock system. 

> And I'm fairly certain that my rear hatch seal is bad.

>I would treat this LAST. I'm not convinced that it is that much of a
>problem, but I've been wrong before....

I'll hold off on seal replacements until she's completely mechanically
sound; then I'll do all of them: front trunk, doors/ door windows (these
are the worst... I can hear the wind whistling through the doorframe as
I drive down the road), and the rear hatch. All my other window rubber
is good, so I won't need to replace any of that, thank goodness.

Also, does anyone happen to have a spare speedometer with a working
odometer I can purchase, while I get mine (w/ trip) rebuilt? I'm
currently making guesstimates as to mileage for fuel economy purposes,
and would like to be sure. 

Thanks to all,

-Kurt Nolte
'71 AT Square, "Tyria" - Slowly going back to her original glory...

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