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Re: [T3] Odd Type 3 sound

Nothing to do with the seats or the fuel gauge, Greg, or the wipers, Kirsten, or
woodpeckers (or even death-watch beetle).  Sorry, Keith and Luis.

What radio would that be in my Variant, Daniel?  It's a radio-free zone!  I
enjoy the sound of my engine - it speaks to me; at the moment it's saying
"please change my exhaust or patch it up".  My parents bought me a Blaupunkt
for my Beetle for my 21st birthday to stop me listening to the engine all the
time (worn camshaft!).
I've still got the Beetle (awaiting restoration) and the radio.

Not a clock, Jason.  I'd not noticed the background sound before - I normally
have my monitor turned up to my age - I figure to aim at needing only one extra
per year, and with luck the scale goes up to 100 (er, I'd better check that I

I will say it was a sound produced from the car while I was doing some
maintenance; not a sound I would hear while using the car.  What I found
intriguing was its regularity.

PS it is a genuine recording of a sound made by my car, not just a ploy to get
the hits up on the website.  ;-)  Anyway, I'm not sure it counts it unless you
enter through the index page.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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