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Re: [T3] Half a Motor

On 5 Nov 2003 at 7:30, Tony Rongey wrote:

> I'm finishing up a rebuild of a '69 FI AT Square.  Got
> it running this week, but only on the left side!  I
> can pull the wire on #1 or #2 with no effect.  #3 or
> #4 will kill it. I've got 30psi in the ring.  Timing
> is good

Of course, if you just rebuilt the engine, there is the chance that you did 
something right or wrong on the right side only. I consider that low 

Externally, there are really just 2 things that are likely to affect both #1 
and #2, without affecting anything else. Either you have the 2 spark plug wires 
swapped, or the ground wire for those 2 injectors is not well grounded.

You can check the first one by just following the wires, or using an inductive 
timing light. The second one may be a matter of using a clip lead to provide an 
alternate path to ground for the ground wire, just to see if this helps.

Note that 68-9 FI cars had a problem with the injector grounds which connected 
to the head screws. These always corroded, or something, and lost good contact 
after they were rebuilt. For some reason they were just fine as long as they 
weren't disturbed. This can be fixed by making an extension wire to connect 
these ground wires to the middle of the case and grounding them there where 
they don't heat cycle as aggressively, or by adding a strong spring washer 
under the head of those screws into the head. I have some Belleville washers 
which would be perfect for this.

In '70, VW moved those ground wires to the center of the case and they were no 
longer a problem.

I understand that you've checked the injectors and verified that they were 
spraying, but if you've put this engine thru a few heat cycles, they may have 
stopped. If you find a problem on the right side, you should fix both sides 
because they will both fail eventually.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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